The Arab Crisis



There are 250million people living in the Arab countries - and none of them live in a fully independent democracy.

In the first of two taboo-breaking documentaries, Dr Maha Azzam asks why the Arab world has so little political freedom. She travels to Egypt, SAUDI ARABIA and Qatar to meet the campaigners fighting for their rights. And she challenges the government officials who have made promises of change - but have so far failed to deliver.

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The Arab nations have oil, gas and lots of well-educated people. And yet they've failed to keep up with the global economic boom of the last 20 years.

Dr. Maha Azzam travels across the Arab world to ask why it has failed to develop and provide jobs for its citizens. She meets the women who say they've been left out of the race for progress. And she hears from the experts who put the blame on over-population, corruption and red tape.