01Diagnosis *20050221

Maureen is a feisty woman who lives on her own in Newcastle.

Her only daughter Carla lives close by.

She visits her doctor - Dr Merrily - for some test results and is told that she has a tumour behind her ear.

Maureen decides to carry on as normal.

  • arla....carol mcguigan
  • directed by - Susan Roberts
  • doctor merrily....rob pickavance
  • driver....rob pickavance
  • man....rob pickavance
  • maud....madaleine moffatt
  • maureen....val mclane
  • nurse (hillary)....grace stilgrove
  • nurse....janet hampson
  • old woman....madaleine moffatt
  • receptionist....carol mcguigan
  • rusty....grace stilgrove
  • theresa (fortune teller)....jane holman

  • 02The House Of Spirits *20050222

    Maureen visits a medium who contacts the members of a female football team for whom she was a star player.

    03The Nurse *20050223

    A young nurse comes to the house to try to get Maureen to talk about her feelings on hearing she has cancer.

    Maureen wants none of it and sends her packing.

    04The Turkish Bath *20050224

    Maureen is keeping herself busy.

    She has arranged to meet Maud, an old friend from her football team days, at the local Turkish Baths.

    05Carla's Facial *20050225

    Maureen is a feisty woman who lives on her own in Newcastle.

    During the week she has a series of appointments.

    Today she goes to the local department store where her only daughter works as a beautician.

    She has a relaxing facial.