Animals That Changed The World

Series telling the stories of animals which have changed the course of human history.


0101The Horse20001127

Brian Leith hears about Genghis Khan, the Wild West and the industrial revolution as he explores the impact of the horse upon both human history and the natural landscape.


Brian Leith investigates the impact of the rat, which carried bubonic plague across continents and which now threatens the entire habitats of islands to which it has been inadvertently introduced.

0103The Cow20001211

Brian Leith investigates the impact of the cow upon the landscape and human development.

0104 LASTDisease Carriers20001218

Brian Leith explores how most of our major diseases were initially caught from domestic animals.

0201The Whale20011119

Brian Leith on our relationship with a creature which has fed us, clothed us and enlightened us.

0202The Dog20011126

Brian Leith explores the impact of dogs on health, hunting and happiness.

0203 LASTThe Snail20011203

Brian Leith on how snails have played a major part in agriculture and genetic science.