Animal Show

Five stories exploring the ways humans relate to animals.

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By Katie Hims.Mouse's boyfriend gave her the name Mouse.

She left him, and now she lives in a nasty bedsit with a real mouse.

  • cowboy....Vicenzo Nicoli
  • directed by - Mary Peate
  • mehmet....Nitzan Sharron
  • mouse...Kate Ashfield

  • 02Lizard20050712

    There's a bloke who comes into June's cafe who obviously fancies her, but she thinks he looks like a lizard.

  • by - Katie Hims
  • directed by - Mary Peate
  • june....Maggie O'neill
  • lizard....Tom Georgeson
  • maureen....Susan Brown

  • 03Elephant20050713

    There's something wrong between Rachel and Dhiraj, but just like the elephant in the room, no-one's talking about it.

  • ajay....Emil Marwa
  • by - Lucy Baldwyn
  • dhiraj....Shiv Grewal
  • directed by - Mary Peate
  • rachel....Lucy Akhurst

  • 04Blackbird20050714

    Alison's parents are splitting up, no-one's telling her anything and she's trying to make sense of it.

  • alison....Lulu Popplewell<
  • danny....Daniel Anthony<
  • julie....Rachel Atkins<
  • maureen....Susan Brown

  • 05 LASTDog20050715

    Danny has to write a story for school.

    He decides to write about the old man with the dog he sees on the bus.

  • by - Katie Hims
  • danny....Daniel Anthony
  • directed by - Mary Peate
  • mum....Sharlene Whyte
  • teacher....Lucy Akhurst
  • the man....Ewan Hooper