Animal Magic

Rebecca Stott discovers that some of the most ugh-inducing creatures on the planet are proving indispensable to modern science.



One of the oldest life-forms on Earth could help us colonise Mars.


Still the doctor's friend, but now they're giving their brains to make bio-computers.


These industrious insects are helping technologists work out how to design tiny robots that will possess collective intelligence.


With 90 per cent of their genes the same as ours, rats can teach us a lot about ourselves.

0105 LASTOysters2005031120070907

Ancient oyster shells can tell us about prehistoric life, as well as predict climate change.

0203 LAST20090814

Second series of three political dramas.

By Avie Luthra.

MP Bobby Khan's marriage to Lucy is very unsettled. Bobby backs the opening of a new laboratory involving animal testing in his constituency which leads to a violent backlash, and an old flame of Lucy's is inextricably linked to the whole affair.

Bobby....Zubin Varla

Lucy....Nichola Stephenson

Elizabeth....Barbara Marten

Terry....John Mcardle

Karl....Graeme Hawley

David....James Quinn

Minister....Malcolm Raeburn

Helen....Christine Brennan

Sara....Millie Rose Kinsey

News reporter....Shari Vahl

School children from St Mary's Church of England Infant and Junior School, Manchester.

Political adviser Andrew Russell

Directed by Pauline Harris.

By Avie Luthra. MP Bobby Khan backs a new lab involving animal testing in his constituency