Aneurin's Story


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The parents of Aneurin Owen, who died 4 days after his premature birth, share their story.

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Naomi Stocks and her partner Dan lost a baby in 2012. Aneurin was born early, at 30 weeks, after a very difficult pregnancy. The consultant had warned Naomi and Dan that Aneurin would probably die in the womb because he wasn't growing. But he survived and was born on April 24th at 30 weeks, weighing 1lb 2 oz. He lived for just 4 days.

As the anniversary of his birth and death approach, Naomi tells Aneurin's story, and also hers and Dan's, giving a personal account of what it's like to face such a loss. Naomi is proud of her baby boy, who fought against the odds to be born. She knows they will live with the loss of their son until they die but feels they are lucky to have had the chance to meet him. As Naomi says, his was "...a small footprint, but a deep one..."


Aneurin Owens was born prematurely, weighing 550 grams, and died four days later. His mother, Naomi, with the help of Dan, his father, shares their story of loss, grief and love.