Andrew O'hagan


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Another sparkling edition of Stark Talk. Twice nominated Booker novelist and essayist Andrew O'Hagan grew up on a council estate in Kilwinning where he delighted in being the oddball. He tells Edi that the only book in his house was the Kilmarnock telephone directory and his father was furious when he announced that he was enrolling in ballet school in preference to playing football.

The first in his family to go to university, he left Glasgow on the bus for London the day after graduation and was soon an associate editor for the intellectually prestigious London Review of Books.

Despite his stellar literary success, he says his daughter Nell who was born with di George syndrome has taught him about pride in ways he had never known. He's no longer with her mother India Knight but he explains that their separation is infinitely easier than the chasm he witnessed in his own parents.

Edi Stark talks to Man Booker-nominated novelist and essayist Andrew O'Hagan.