And Quiet Flows The Don

A moving account of life, love and war among southern Russia's Cossacks, as farmers are drawn into a series of wars.



For Cossacks leading their traditional life by the shores of the Don, the call-up for military service is part of their duty to the Tsar.

But for Gregor, the start of the First World War takes him away from the woman he loves.

  • aksinia....Mali Harries
  • anna....caryl morgan
  • bridesman....Richard Elfyn
  • bunchuk....Richard Elfyn
  • darya....manon edwards
  • gregor....richard harrington
  • kalmikov....jonathan floyd
  • listnitsky....John Mcandrew
  • natasha....sara mcgaughey
  • pantaleimon....dorien thomas
  • spiridonov....Simon Ludders
  • stephan....jonathan floyd
  • stockman....Simon Ludders
  • by.... - mikhail sholokhov
  • dramatised by.... - dj britton

  • 02 LASTRevolution And Civil War2005101620051022

    It's 1916.

    In a Moscow hospital, Gregor encounters radical ideas.

    Will he join the Revolution or will he return home to the Don?