Anatomy Of A Guitar



Harry Shearer and the world's great guitars! Radio 2 finds out just how this fabulous instrument evolved in the company of Harry and guests.

The Anatomy of a Guitar strips it down to the essentials, then puts it back together again so you hear just how the instrument works. Just like in a natural history documentary, Harry Shearer shows us the evolution of the guitar as it fought off the competition to become undisputed king of rock and roll. Mitch Benn brings his comic genius in song as he praises great guitars, and Rock Doctor Mark Lewney gives us the inside story.

Recorded in front of a live audience at the Edinburgh Festival, this promises to be a celebration of the guitar like no other. And maybe if we're lucky, the man who was the once the great rock star in Spinal Tap, will be tempted to pick up an instrument. Tune in to find out!