Can divorce really be amicable? Sally and Joe are about to find out. Starring Con O'Neill and Christine Bottomley, written by Mark Davies Markham.

As more and more marriages end in divorce, the whys and wherefores become lost in the what next. When children are involved, many parents strive to remain on good terms. But is this really possible, when one partner has told the other the relationship is over? And do any of us have the overwhelming right to individual happiness, once we are parents?

Sally wants an amicable divorce from her husband Joe. A man she calls her best friend. He goes into shock, denial, panic, fear, resistance, acknowledgment, acceptance then liberation.

Amicable tracks the five month journey from marriage to separation.

The story has been developed out of interviews with real people, like Mark's previous 15' drama series for Radio 4 (Missing and the transgender child drama, Just a Girl).

Episode 5

As Sally prepares for a family party to celebrate Joe's birthday, he admits to having a new girlfriend. The divorcing couple finally arrive at a shared sense of acceptance of their new relationship.

The writer

Mark Davies Markham has written for some of the most iconic television series in the UK, including Eastenders, Band of Gold and This Life (Writers Guild Award).

He has written numerous BBC Radio 4 dramas including Just a Girl, Safe (Sony nomination), Absent and Deep Down and Dirty Rock 'n' Roll.

The cast

Sally....Christine Bottomley

Joe....Con O'Neill

Director....Polly Thomas

Sound designer....Cathy Robinson

Production co-ordinator....Eleri McAuliffe

A BBC Cymru/Wales production for BBC Radio 4.

As Sally prepares for a party for Joe's birthday, he admits to having a new girlfriend.