In Kafka's formative work, set in New York in 1911, Karl Rossmann has had to leave his family in Prague after an indiscretion with a girl.

Now arriving in the New World, he's filled with optimism.

But will it last?

  • dramatised by graham white
  • brunelda....Elizabeth Bell
  • by - Franz Kafka
  • clara....Tracy Wiles
  • delamarche....Ewan Bailey
  • director Peter Kavanagh
  • eva....Tracy Wiles
  • green....nathan osgood
  • hans....Nick Sayce
  • head cook....Elizabeth Bell
  • karl rossman....Carl Prekopp
  • mr pollunder....Ewan Bailey
  • original music composed and performed by mark springer
  • purser....Kim Wall
  • rennell....Nick Sayce
  • robinson....Nicholas Boulton
  • therese....clare lawrence
  • uncle jacob....Conleth Hill

  • 02 LAST2006061120060617

    New York, 1911.

    Expelled from his Uncle Jacob's empire, young emigre Karl Rossmann struggles to find his feet in the bewildering landscape of Kafka's Amerika.