American Noir Season - Black Betty

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Genome: [r4 Bd=19970301]By Walter Mosley. On the dark side of the mean streets of Los Angeles in 1961, African-American private eye Easy Rawlins can go places a white detective cannot. With Martin Luther|King in the news, a new young president in the White House, and a case that sends him in search of his own past, Easy finds death under the stones he is paid to turn. with William Roberts , Peter de Jersey , Mel Taylor , Major Wiley, Stephen Thorne. Sean Baker , Robert Harper , Shirley Dixon , Emil Nava and Christina Chou. Dramatised by Bonnie Greer. Director Ned Chaillet
Genome: [r4 Bd=19970301] Unknown: Walter Mosley.|Unknown: Martin Luther|Unknown: William Roberts|Unknown: Peter De Jersey|Unknown: Mel Taylor|Unknown: Stephen Thorne.|Unknown: Sean Baker|Unknown: Robert Harper|Unknown: Shirley Dixon|Unknown: Emil Nava|Unknown: Christina Chou.|Dramatised By: Bonnie Greer.|Director: Ned Chaillet|Ezekiel Easy - Rawlins: Clarke Peters|Saul Lynx: John Guerrasio|Elizabeth Black Betty Eady: Alibe Parsons|Maudria Jones: Sharon D Clarke|Odell Jones: Dean Hill|Sarah Cain: Kate Harper|Gwendolyn Barnes: Cecilia Noble|Arthur Hawkes: Gerard McDermot