Ambridge In The Decade Of Love



Recently, clearing a radio storeroom in LONDON, staff uncovered a collection of boxes of BBC LPs labelled, The Archers. They turned out to be 2,670 episodes of the serial from forty years ago, hitherto believed lost, apart from a handful of special editions that did find their way into the arcHIVe. In the first of two programmes, Richard Stilgoe opens the lid on this Archers treasure-chest to investigate how the population of Britain's best-loved village reacted to the generation of teddy-boys, rock 'n' roll and the Pill, when Jennifer was a 14-year old schoolgirl on her first date, and newborn David Archer uttered his first wail.


Richard Stilgoe concludes the story of the Archers in the 1960s from a treasure-trove of recordings hitherto thought lost forever. Includes a concert by Borsetshire's answer to the Mersey sound.