Alvin Hall's World Of Money

Financial guru Alvin Hall explores where investors put money during a credit crunch.



He looks at commodities.

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Alvin looks at wine as an investment, talking to collectors and dealers and visiting New York's 21 Club, where covert drinkers gathered during America's Prohibition, to explore the vaults that now house celebrity wine collections.

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He hears how prices in the art world are still booming, talking to exhibitors, collectors and financiers on both sides of the Atlantic.

He meets a man who helps to fund art purchases that run into millions but also learns how some of the best art investments for the future might still be within the reach of ordinary people.

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He looks at the film industry, which appears to be bucking the economic downturn although remaining a notoriously risky business.

Alvin meets film producers and other experts to assess the world of movies as an investment opportunity.


He looks at exclusive property.