All For One!

Alan Dein spends a week among the changing world of Britain's youth groups.


01The Woodcraft Folk19990510

The young pioneers of Britain's most liberal and anti-militarist youth group.

02The Boys19990511

Alan Dein returns to the GLASGOW roots of the famous military uniforms and pillbox hats. Are they still relevant to modern Britain?

03The Jewish Lads And Girls Brigade19990512

Dein looks at the oldest surviving Jewish youth organisation, founded to create `a good Jew and a good ENGLISHman'.

04The Sea Cadets19990513

Dein discovers why making young people shipshape is still a moral crusade.

05 LASTThe Horse Rangers19990514

An American musical inspired one man to create a youth group dedicated to horses - forty years later, young cowboy-uniformed members are still joining.