All About Property With Gabby Logan [5 Live]

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20151004||Gabby Logan presents your guide to property. Can't buy need to rent? This week we provide you with a comprehensive guide to renting. Plus how to get that property when you're not first in line, and how do you ensure you get a good service from your landlord when you're in?|If you're selling - what's the best way to sell your house; Estate Agent or the Internet? And if you have run out of space in your current house or flat we ask the experts: is it cheaper to move, or to renovate?
20151011Gabby Logan presents the UK's first radio programme totally dedicated to property. She's joined by property expert Lewis Rossiter to talk about buying, selling, renting or finding the perfect holiday home - it's THE national conversation all about property.
20160529Gabby Logan with the latest issues and news from the world of property.|Everyone agrees we need more homes. But the question is how to achieve it, what sort of properties, and where? Are the major builders really pulling their weight? Or is red tape holding them back? Plus living in the countryside - are we seeing a revival of the village and can farmers really make a living?|Also this week we look at property markets of the great cities of Newcastle and Cardiff.|
Ultimate Guide To Buying Your Own Home20160327Gabby Logan presents All About Property's ultimate guide to buying your own home. Guiding you through you through the whole process from knowing where and how to look - to making sure that once you've got it , that it really is what you want and a place that you and your family will be happy in.|She joins a house viewing to learn how to see beyond that nice shiny bathroom to what dangers may lurk beneath. And we show you what pitfalls to look out from the bottom to the very top for in a house that appears, on the surface to be lovely. We also lead you through the daunting array of finance deals, surveyors, credit rating and stamp duty changes. Plus a pain-free guide to the different types of mortgage deals that could work for you.|Whether you're gearing up to buying your very first home or making change this is your one-stop shop for everything you need to know: from finding your dream home; to making you sure you get it in a fast-moving market; arranging your finances; and moving in smoothly. And even if you consider yourself an old-hand at the buying and moving game, you'll be surprised at some of the inside tips from our experts.|Gabby is joined by property developer and presenter Sarah Beeny, mortgage expert extraordinaire Ray Boulger and some of the property sector leading names.|