Alive And Kicking

A history of Welsh soccer.



Neil Kinnock reflects on a topsy-turvy season in Welsh club soccer, featuring the adventures of Cardiff City, Swansea City and Wrexham.

01In The Beginning20080329

Wales boasts the world's third oldest football association. This programme traces the game back to its spiritual roots in Ruabon.

02* Between The Wars20080405

Welsh soccer prospered during the inter-war years, dominating the home international scene and even winning the FA Cup with Cardiff.

03In The Court Of King John20080412

After the war, fans have a new generation of heroes to cheer: Allchurch, Ford, Burgess, Paul, Tapscott and Charles.

04The Swinging Sixties20080419

As the golden era of Charles and Ford came to an end, new heroes such as John Toshack and Mike England emerged.

05Handballs And Head Cases20080426

Bad luck and the importation of the English disease of hooliganism see Welsh football in decline.

06 LASTPenalty Takers And History Makers2008050320080505

Welsh football goes through the wilderness years before the advent of Mark Hughes.

06 LASTPenalty Takers And History Makers20080510