Alasdair Gray Stories

A week of stories from the brilliant, funny and original Alasdair Gray.


AR01Miss Kincaid's Autumn2004050320050206

A portrait of small town Scotland, where a surprising relationship flourishes.

Read by Tamara Kennedy.


A dystopian vision of a future Britain as seen through the eyes of a once-revered writer.

He is now homeless yet stubbornly refuses to move to a more hospitable country: "There are better ways of living than being happy but they require strength and sanity."

Read by Paul Young

AR03My Ex Husband - Swan Burial2004050520050220

Two tales offering a distinctly ironic look at marriage and the impact of work on our domestic lives.

Read by Tamara Kennedy and Paul Young

AR04Loss Of The Golden Silence2004050620050227

A couple realise that the only possible future for their relationship lies in silence, failing to communicate and keeping secrets.

A couple discover a surprising way to sustain their relationship.

Read by Paul Young

AR05 LASTMr Meikle - An Epilogue2004050720050306

A writer reflects on the profound debt he owes his English teacher.

Alasdair Gray reads his own story.