Airs Of England

Richard Coles explores the diverse sounds of Victorian ENGLISH music.


A01Dickens And The Marrowbone1999021319990222

This week he talks to Tim Healey who has researched and re-created the songs of street and parlour that litter the works of Dickens and brought cacophony to 19th-century LONDON.

A01Fairies In The Garden1999021319990222

This week he talks to harpist Elizabeth Jane Baldry who has recreated the fairy music that became the pop music of the day, enjoyed in the parlours of the newly rich middle classes and in the royal court of Queen Victoria herself.

A03Hardy On The Fiddle1999022019990301
A03Hardy On The Fiddle1999022719990301

This week he talks to Dave Townsend, who has re-created West Gallery music and tunes that Thomas Hardy refers to in his novels.

A04Singer On His Feet1999030619990308

While the Scots, Irish and Welsh are always seen as the rightful owners of British folk music, Tony Engle argues passionately for the traditional ENGLISH singers and players whose music rang out from the pubs and kitchens of the working classes.