Afternoon Theatre From The Sixties - Nor Any Drop To Drink

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Genome: [r4 Bd=19700828]by ANTON DELMAR|' Lefty ' Wright, who knows the prison regulations backwards, embarrasses the Governor by lodging a complaint about fluoride in the prison water, requesting pure water instead.|Produced by TONY SHRYANE|followed by an interlude


Unknown: Anton Delmar|Prison Governor: Cecil Parker|Deputy Governor: Ronald Baddiley|'Lefty' Wright: Leslie Dwyer|Lord Lawton: Geoffrey Wincott|Sir Charles Fortescue: Arthur Lawrence|' Fingers Harper: Allan McClelland|Prison Doctor: Alan Dudley|Chaplain: Walter Fitzgerald|Myrtle: Carole Boyd|Warder Catchpole: Frank Henderson|Warder Evans: Anthony Hall|Professor Ogilvy: Haydn Jones|Waiter: Tim Seely