Afternoon Play

Dramas which delight and surprise.

Dramas broadcast each weekday afternoon.



Dramas which delight and surprise.

Dramas broadcast each weekday afternoon.


It's Aug 8th 1974 - the day of President Nixon's resignation.

Martha Mitchell, wife of former Attorney General John Mitchell, is alone with her books of press clippings, her dog and her whisky.

She tape records her testimony, makes calls to journalists and remembers how the administration forcibly tried to silence her when she spoke out about Nixon's role in the Watergate burglary

and cover-up.

Martha Mitchell....Judith Ivey

Directed by Eoin O'callaghan


Elizabeth Lewis' surreal comic parable about the pitfalls of romantic fantasy.

Alice is frightened of the reality of marriage to a Welsh asparagus farmer and runs away from her wedding.

Still wearing her white dress and veil, she books herself into a Paris hotel to pursue her romantic dreams.

Alice Arden....Caroline Harker

Simone De Beauvoir....Ana-Luisa De Cavilla

Ieuan the asparagus farmer....Iestyn Jones

The Ubiquitous Frenchman....Richard Elfyn

Stallholder....Iwan Tudor

Genevieve....Sheila Ballantine

Agnes....Alex Alderton

Mireille....Phyllida Nash

Directed by Kate McAll.


By Catherine Shepherd.

Eve has come to India following the recent death of her parents.

While everyone around her is seeking enlightenment, she is only concerned with obtaining a legal document which will allow probate on her parents' estate to be granted.

Vivanti....Anna Carteret

Eve....Madelaine Brolly

Piturbaba....Jack Shepherd

Xavier....Ben Lewis

Mette....Catherine Shepherd

Daniel....Paddy Anderson

Directed by Lu Kemp