After The Vote

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Linda Colley reflects on the future wider repercussions of the Scottish referendum result.

At the beginning of the year, as a curtain-raiser to the Referendum on Scottish independence, Professor Linda Colley of Princeton University broadcast a series of fifteen acclaimed programmes exploring the history of the United Kingdom and the cultural, political and tribal webs that bind the home nations together, in Acts of Union and Disunion. Now, following September's vote in Scotland to retain the Union, albeit within a 'vow' to devolve much greater autonomous power to Scotland, Linda reflects on the wider and deeper issues and repercussions for the country and the world.

With the help of leading academic writers, commentators and thinkers, Linda Colley explores what a future union might look like and how the constituent nations of a still United Kingdom will seek to govern themselves. Featuring contributions by Professor David Runciman, Simon Heffer, David Melding AM, Baroness Helena Kennedy and AL Kennedy.

Producer: Simon Elmes.