The Africans

Ken Wiwa profiles ordinary Africans doing extraordinary things.


01Ndungi Githuku20030428

Ken Wiwa meets Ndungi Githuku. Hes a 30 year old poet and dramatist who became swept up in politics. On the streets, in parks and squares, Githuku and his troupe perform wherever there are people. Their conscience-raising shows have often been the only alternative political voice to be heard, and people are thirsty for it.

02Maa Fra20030429

Ken Wiwa meets Maa Fra, an 80 year old peasant farmer who for four decades has dedicated all her free time to helping people unable to pay for medical treatment and hospital care. She's like a one woman NGO, and she proves that one person can make a big difference.

03Fola Adeola20030430

Ken Wiwa meets fellow Nigerian Fola Adeola who founded one of the country's biggest banks.

He just gave up his directors chair to try to solve the problem of graduate unemployment.

He set up a foundation to promote entrepreneurial flair with a mission to create 50,000 jobs by 2015.

04Father Nzamujo20030501

is redefining Africa's view of itself.

He rejects the gloomy prognosis for Africa and at his Songhai Centre in Benin is developing new ideas for the development and use of solar powered internet access to spread knowledge across the country.

This huge leap in technology, Father Nzamujo believes, is freeing Africa to leap centuries of development and become a player in the modern world.

05 LASTDr Gilbert Matsabisa20030502

Ken Wiwa meets Dr Gilbert Matsabisa. With 80% of Africans across the continent using traditional medicines, Dr Matsabisa is using his western medical knowledge to help this much maligned branch of medicine to revamp its image. Not only to prove the medicines work, but also to help traditional healers get the most out of their medications.