The Afghan And The Penguin



Neither Muriel, Younis' landlady, nor Major Douglas, his MOD case officer, can help the Afghan interpreter.

Having sustained an injury in Afghanistan while serving with the British army, Younis has been brought back to England for an operation and recuperation within an MOD safe house.

As he faces deportation back home to an uncertain fate, the Afghan interpreter is prepared to try anything in his attempt to stay.

Muriel tries her best to keep his spirits up and even allows a moment of intimacy.

On a whim she takes him to her local wet zoo where Younis befriends an unlikely companion, a penguin.

Two very different beings out of their element.

But can the penguin offer him any comfort? And can he use what he has learnt from the penguin to help persuade Major Douglas he should be allowed to stay?

Michael Hastings' original play for radio takes a wry look at the world through the eyes of those who play an unsung part in the war in Afghanistan.


Younis - Sargon Yelda

Muriel - Lynne Miller

Major Dougie - Alan Cox

Lieutenant/Policeman - Christian Bradley

Station Jock - Christian Brassington

The Boy - Timon Greaves

Directed by Steven Atkinson

Produced by Nicholas Newton

A Promenade production for BBC Radio 4.

A wry look at how the British deal with their responsibility for an Afghan interpreter.