Stories on the theme of addictions and obsessions.


AR01The Summer Of Pakflake2006013020071209

Stories on the theme of addictions and obsessions.

by Nick Parker.

The invention of a new edible packaging material sends the nation into a frenzy.

Read by Michelle Gomez

AR02Cold Coffee Connoisseurs2006013120071216

by Henry Shukman.

A man looks back on his early teenage years, when he and his friends would salivate over the local cafe's perfect cold coffee.

Read by Jonathan Firth

AR03The Eyes Of The Soul2006020120071223

by Michel Faber.

After a saleswoman knocks on her door, Jeanette's view of the world is changed forever.

Read by Jackie Morrison

AR04The Kitchen Goddess And The Trumans2006020220071230

By Nadia Al Yafai.

When Claude and Nellie advertise for a chef to bring sparkle back to their jaded palette and faded relationship, they don't realise how dependent they will become on their enigmatic new cook, the magical Annapurna.

Read by Nina Wadia

AR05 LASTThe Poison Tree2006020320080106

By Gregory Norminton.

When Private Roger Wilson's life is saved in the jungle by Second Lieutenant Frank Lively, the two men are bound together forever.

But for Roger, the overwhelming sense of a debt he can never repay gradually takes over his life, poisoning all his relationships.

Read by David Horovitch