About A Dog


0101Let Sleeping Dogs Lie2004100620050803

Jack has a problem. Or rather, his mistress does. Well, shes more of an owner than a mistress. And she needs to decide whether or not to move in with her boyfriend, Adrian. Adrian likes designer leather furniture and pricey Italian bath-fittings; but he definitely doesnt like dogs. Which brings us back to Jack. And his problem.

0102We Was Robbed!2004101320050810

If Sarah drew up an A-Z of her problems, Boyfriend would now be joined by Blackmail and Burglars. Followed closely by Conniving Caretaker and then of course Dog. Jack, the dog, doesn't quite see it that way, although he does think he can sniff out a connection between all of them.

0103 LASTLove, Probably2004102020050817

Sarah and her dog Jack are down in the dumps, she feels trapped in her relationship with boyfriend Adrian, and Jack thinks his long-lost sister is trapped inside a plastic toy - or at least her voice seems to be. Could it be that handsome vet Doctor Katz offers some sort of release - for both of them?


Jack's looking forward to a weekend's rabbit-chasing in the countryside with his owner Sarah, courtesy of a Sarah's old schoolfriend Tamsin and her cake magnate husband. It should be a piece of cake for Jack, were it not for the presence of the couple's gun-toting 12-year-old son Bernard, who's keen to ensure the weekend goes with a bang.


Just as Sarah's on-off relationship with boyfriend Adrian suffers a temporary short circuit, her mother Muriel has been a little more 'entertained' than she bargained for during a cruise.

0203Mistress And Commander20070724

Jack's owner Sarah can't wait for Adrian to ring. When he does, she is stuck on a canal boat with an extremely boring travelling companion.


Jack is delighted that Sarah is taking him for a weekend at her mother Muriel's place in the countryside, though Adrian is understandably a little apprehensive. But could it be that Muriel has finally decided that Adrian might just have what it takes to make a girl happy?

0205Every Dog Has His Day20070807

Jack's discovery of the stolen statue of local comedian Eddie Edney brings him to the attention of the local media and his owner Sarah to the attention of ambitious and highly persuasive local journalist Luke. Can Jack solve the mystery of the statue's theft and will Sarah enjoy their 15 minutes of fame?

0206Collars And Cuffs20070814

Jack inadvertently falls foul of the Dangerous Dogs Act and is carted off to face the might of the law. His only hope is Lazlo, the tramp residing in Sarah's basement.