The Abc Of Vitamins

Claudia Hammond investigates vitamins.

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She looks at vitamin A and its derivative betacarotene, which has long been understood to act as an antioxidant. Recent research, however, suggests that betacarotene supplements can actually increase the likelihood of smokers getting LUNG cancer.


She takes a journey inside the body and finds that a worrying number of people are deficient in the B vitamins. But should we be able to buy large doses over the counter?


She discovers that, contrary to popular belief, taking large doses of vitamin C may actually be harmful.


She looks at vitamin D, the `sunshine' vitamin, which stops us from getting rickets - a disease which is no longer a thing of the past.

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A look at vitamin E, long considered a wonder vitamin for its antioxidant properties. Now its reputation is set to be further enhanced following new research suggesting that it might help to prevent miscarriages.