The A-z Of Easy Listening

George Martin presents 13 programmes about music for easy listening.



In the first programme, A is for a cappella, Cliff Adams, and the `Ameriachi' sound of Herb Alpert.

Brian Eno talks about ambient music, and George Martin compares notes on the art of arranging with two music makers - Billy May and Jimmie Haskell


is for background music, Bassey and baritones.

George Martin explores the link between bread and Boy George, and hears from lyricist Hal David, who talks about his partnership with Burt Bacharach.


is for clarinet, the Carpenters and consonance.


is for duets and some of the most unforgettable vocal combinations on record.

Plus a look at the Eurovision connection and the Hawaiian melodies of Exotica.


is for orchestrators Percy Faith and Robert Farnon, and Eric Satie's experiments with Furniture music.


is for harmony, humour and the influence of Hollywood.

07I & J19980215

I is for instruments and J is for the jazz connection.

08K & L19980222

K is for Kaempfert, and L is for Legrand, Lai and L'amour.

09M & N19980301

M is for Motown and muzak, and N is for the Nashville connection.

10O & P19980308

O is for Orbison and P is for pop and protest.

11R & S19980315

R is for rhythm and S is for Swingle Singers and space-age pop.

12S & T19980322

S is for strings, sweetening and Sinatra, and T is for television themes.

13V & W & Y & Z19980329

V is for voices, W for Jimmy Webb and Brian Wilson, and Y and Z are for `Yesterday' and the zither.

14 LASTEverything19980405

George Martin presents the last of 14 programmes delving into all aspects of music for easy listening, pulling together some of the elements that have emerged in the series.