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5 Live Sport2013053020150609

A celebration of vintage cricket commentary with Jonathan Agnew, Henry Blofeld and other familiar voices from summers gone by.

5 Live Sport2013053020150725

A celebration of vintage cricket commentary with Jonathan Agnew, Henry Blofeld and other familiar voices from summers gone by.

5 Live Sport20131014

Reaction and reflection following the news that Indian batting legend Sachin Tendulkar has announced his retirement from cricket.

5 Live Sport20140205

Cricket news and discussion following the end of England's tour of Australia.

5 Live Sport20140317

Pat Murphy speaks to Jonathan Trott about his return to first class cricket.

5 Live Sport20140417

A look back at Brian Lara's historic innings of 375 made on the 18th April 1994.

5 Live Sport20140716

A look ahead to the second test between England and India at Lord's.

5 Live Sport20140807

Cricket discussion and reflection on day one of the 4th Test between England and India at Old Trafford.

5 Live Sport20141007

Graeme Swann, Jonathan Agnew and Michael Vaughan with cricket discussion following Kevin Pietersen's interview with Adrian Chiles.

5 live Sport20141110

Michael Vaughan presents a special interview with Sachin Tendulkar, who holds the record for most runs scored in both Test and One Day International cricket.

5 live Sport20141230

5 live Sport20141230

A look at how cricket helped Sri Lanka recover from the tsunami that struck Southeast Asia 10 years ago.

5 Live Sport20150205

Ahead of the start of the tournament in Australia, 5 live looks back at the ten moments that shocked the Cricket World Cup.

5 Live Sport20150212

A preview of the ICC Cricket World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

5 Live Sport20150226

Cricket news and interviews as the ICC World Cup continues.

5 live Sport20150310

5 live Sport20150310

The latest cricket news and discussion as the ICC World Cup continues. With guests Mark Butcher and Graham Gooch.

5 Live Sport2015041920150420

A unique look at Jimmy Anderson's journey to become the greatest English test wicket taker of all time. Mark Chapman has interviewed Anderson after each Test series over the last two years as he counted down to Sir Ian Botham's record. Anderson brings a remarkable insight into his quest for 384 wickets, which makes him a legend of English cricket.

5 Live Sport20150630

Two of England's most successful captains, Michael Vaughan and Mike Brearley, talk about the art of captaincy.

5 Live Sport20150714

Eleanor Oldroyd presents a special programme from Chelsea Old Town Hall, bringing together members of England's victorious 2005 Ashes squad.

5 Live Sport20150726

The story of WG Grace, marking the 100th anniversary of the death of the most iconic cricketer of all time. Told by those who have studied, met and played with 'The Champion'.

5 live Sport20151015

5 live Sport20151015

Eleanor Oldroyd talks to Kevin Pietersen about his latest book on cricket, including his experiences on the pitch.

5 Live Sport20151119

Phil Tufnell and former Sussex and Derbyshire cricketer Chris Adams discuss England's performance in the One Day Internationals against Pakistan.

5 Live Sport20160322

Cricket discussion as the ICC World Twenty20 continues. With former England captain and batting coach Graham Gooch and ex-England wicketkeeper Paul Nixon.

5 Live Sport20160326

Live cricket commentary on England v Sri Lanka in their final group match at the World Twenty20. Plus updates from the rest of the afternoon's sport.

5 live Sport20160330

5 live Sport20160330

Mark Chapman speaks to Andrew 'Freddie' Flintoff about his new role as president of the Professional Cricketers' Association.

5 live Sport20160330

Phil Tufnell and Graham Gooch with cricket discussion on the World Twenty20 tournament ahead of the semi-finals.

5 live Sport20160404

5 live Sport20160404

A look back at the World Twenty20 final, reflecting on England's dramatic defeat to the West Indies.

5 live Sport20160519

5 live Sport20160519

Cricket discussion and interviews following day one of the 1st Test between England and Sri Lanka.

5 live Sport20160713

5 live Sport20160713

Adil Ray examines Pakistan's first Test series in England since the 2010 spot fixing scandal, with Alison Mitchell and Saj Sadiq.

5 live Sport20160725

5 live Sport20160725

Cricket discussion and interviews following the conclusion of the second test between England and Pakistan at Old Trafford. With Phil Tufnell and Ebony Rainford-Brent.

5 live Sport20160725

Discussion following the conclusion of the second test between England and Pakistan.

5 Live Sport20160801

Cricket interviews and discussion ahead of England 3rd Test against Pakistan.

5 live Sport20161207

5 live Sport20161207

Cricket discussion with Phil Tufnell and Steve Harmison ahead of the 4th Test between India and England.