49 Donkeys Hanged



A surreal, dark comedy by Cornish writer Carl Grose, inspired by seeing a Johannesburg local newspaper headline about a farmer who hanged 49 donkeys from tree branches on his land.

In Grose's play, Stanley Bray, a Cornish farmer, is compelled to hang donkeys and his wheelchair-bound wife Joy is desperate to get out of the house.

Their way of life is fast disappearing, the farm is bankrupt and this is Stanley's bizarre response.

Stanley Bray....Charles Barnecut

Joy Bray....Amanda Lawrence

Solomon Singo....Sibusiso Mamba

Sally Tregersick....Helen Longworth

Randy Tregersick....John Canford

Carl Grose....himself

Directed by Claire Grove.

Carl Grose's dark comedy about a farmer who hangs donkeys from tree branches on his land.