44 Scotland Street - The Blue Spode Tea Cup


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The police summon Angus, and six-year-old Bertie has some words of wisdom.

44 Scotland Street: The Blue Spode Tea Cup

by Alexander McCall Smith

Angus is summoned to the Police Station and fears the worst, while for Domenica sorry seems to be the hardest word.

Edinburgh's Georgian New Town is the setting for the quirky tales and 'goings-on' of Alexander McCall Smith's much loved characters that have made his bestselling series of books, 44 Scotland Street, so popular worldwide.

Portrait painter, Angus Lordie, is a frequent visitor to Domenica Macdonald, the anthropologist and longest-term resident of 44 Scotland Street. Will their friendship blossom and will she ever let his dog Cyril into her flat? Domenica's thoughts are elsewhere, sensing trouble with the return of her neighbour Antonia who has been living in Glasgow of all places! Is Domenica's 'property' safe with Antonia back in town? Meanwhile in the flat below lives Bertie, aged six, a prodigy and victim of his excessively pushy mother, Irene. Bertie wants the life of an ordinary six-year-old boy, but instead he has psychotherapy, yoga and Italian conversation lessons. He also wants to know why his new baby brother, Ulysses, looks remarkably like his psychotherapist, Dr Fairbairn.

Alexander McCall Smith dramatises stories from his bestselling series, 44 Scotland Street, which continues to delight readers around the world. The series introduces young actor Simon Kerr in his first role as six year-old Bertie!

Producer/director: David Ian Neville.