28 Acts In 28 Minutes

A traditional variety show, but one where performers have just 60 seconds in which to entertain the audience.

The whole thing is presided over by John Humphrys.

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20121103 (BBC7)

A traditional variety show, but one where performers have just 60 seconds in which to entertain the audience.

The whole thing is presided over by John Humphrys.The One-Minute Musical: Richie Webb wrote this truncated musical especially for this show.

He's joined by regular 15 Minute Musical performer Vicki Pepperdine.

Jason Manford: Mancunian Jason was nominated for the Perrier Comedy Award in Edinburgh last year, despite it being his first year at the Fringe.

Punt & Dennis: Stars of Radio 4's The Now Show , they take us through the history of the BBC.

Josie Long: In 1999, Josie won the BBC New Comedy Awards at the age of 17.

She's aged terribly though, and now looks at least 25.

Matt Holt: Matt is an increasingly sought-after stand-up, who will be 'warming up' audiences for the forthcoming Mitchell & Webb TV series.

Ed Byrne: A regular at the Edinburgh fringe, you'll probably recognise Ed's voice from a mobile phone television advert.

Nick Mohammed: A former performer and director with the Cambridge Footlights.

Phil Nichol: As well as being one of the most popular comics in the country, Phil has an increasing reputation for his acting, including his role in the recent West End production of One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.

Matt Kirshen: Making his solo Edinburgh debut this summer, baby-faced Matt has won a host of nationally-renowned new act competitions, including The Hackney Empire New Act Of The Year.

Lemn Sissay: Poet Lemn Sissay has hosted dozens of programmes on Radio 4 about the spoken word.

Cowards: A sketch team who impressed many at the Edinburgh festival last year, the Cowards are made up of Tim Key, Tom Basden, Lloyd Woolf and Stefan Golazewski.

In tonight's performance, the part of Tom Basden is played by Alex Horne.

Jason John Whitehead: Canadian Jason John won the BBC New Comedy Awards back in 2000.

He's gone on to great success on the stand-up circuit around the United Kingdom.

Howard Read: Depsite what John Humphrys says, Howard's lullaby is played on a ukulele, not a mandolin.

Janey Godley: Glaswegian Janey is a force of nature, turning out live one-woman shows, plays and books in the time it takes most stand-ups to split up with their girlfriend.

Count Arthur Strong: A new series of The Count Arthur Strong Radio Show will be coming to Radio 4 soon.

Al Pitcher: In addition to performing in comedy clubs around the world, New Zealander Al wrote and performed sketches on Radio One's comedy strand, The Milk Run.

Martin White: Accordionist Martin White is in the pop band Scarlet's Well, as well as doing silly things like this.

Ed Aczel: Ed's unique brand of comedy won him a runner's up spot in last year's BBC New Comedy Awards.

Marcus Birdman: Another alumni of the BBC New Comedy Awards - Marcus was in the 2001 final - Marcus doesn't really live in London, like he says.

He's really based in Liverpool.

Tom Price: You probably know him best from his role as Gordon the alcoholic in Radio 4's Rigor Mortis.

But he's also presented lots of things on BBC3, and was in Five's sketch show, Swinging.

John Bishop: John's show, Counselling Dad, went out in the Happy Families strand on Radio 4, and he has also appeared on Four At The Store.

He's got his own weekly show on another radio station.

The Consultants: Between 2003 and 2005, this stupid (in a clever kind of way) sketch team - comprised of Neil Edmond, Justin Edwards, and James Rawlings - had three series on Radio 4.

Sue Vale: Sue is a fixture on the Manchester comedy circuit.

She ends all her gigs the way she ends this performance.

Miles Jupp: You'll either know Miles from his Radio 4 series of last year, or from Balamoray , in which he plays Archie.

Stafano Paolini: An accomplished impressionist, Stefano has performed in Radio 4's Dead Ringers , in addition to his stand-up work.

Rhod Gilbert: Rhod won the 2003 BBC New Comedy Awards; in 2005 was nominated for the Perrier Newcomer award in Edinburgh, which is given to the best show by someone performing for an hour by themself for the first time.

(He didn't win.)

Seymour Mace: Seymour is a central character in the Johnny Vegas BBC Three sitcom, Ideal.

Nicholas Parsons: Apparently, he hosts some show on Radio 4.

John Humphrys gives 28 performers 60 seconds to entertain. With Jason Manford, Ed Byrne and Nicholas Parsons. From June 2006.

20121110 (BBC7)

Justin Edwards: Justin is one-third of Radio 4 sketch team The Consultants, but won a Perrier nomination in his own right for his grotesque children's entertainer, Jeremy Lion.

Alfie Joey: Alfie will be familiar to Radio 4 listeners as a regular sidekick to Mitch Benn in his Crimes Against Music series.

The Trap: Three-piece sketch team The Trap are comprised of Jeremy Limb , Paul Litchfield and Dan Mersh.

Jo Enright: In addition to her success on the stand-up circuit, Jo provided the female voices in both of Chris Addison's Radio 4 series.

Dave Johns: A legendary figure on the comedy circuit, Dave was widely praised for his performance in the recent West End version of One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.

Jim Jeffries: Australian Jim is a regular at the major comedy clubs around the UK and even around the world.

Joanna Neary: Perrier newcomer nominee in 2004, Jo can be seen in series 2 of Ideal on BBC3.

Danny Robins : Danny is half of the Robins/Tetsell writing team that created Radio 4's Paperback Hell, one-third of the Robins/Tetsell./Brigstocke team behind The Museum Of Everything, and one oneth of DJ Danny.

Scott Capurro: San Franciscan Scott has been a fixture on the UK comedy circuit his Perrier nomination in 1995.

Roger Mcgough: Roger is one of the UK 's best-loved poets, and is the regular presenter of Poetry Please on Radio 4.

The Unbroadcastable Radio Show: The UBRS are a sketch team who put on regular shows at the Manchester Comedy Store.

Comprised of Peter Slater, Alfie Joey, John Warburton and Toby Hadoke, this sketch features just John and Toby.

Martin Bigpig Mor: Martin's photograph is featured on the popular board game Trivial Pursuits.

The Genus Edition.

On an arts entertainments square.

One of the pink ones.

He is wearing a leotard.

Gary le Strange: The creation of comedian Waen Shepherd, Byronic Lord of Pop Gary le Strange won the Perrier newcomer award at Edinburgh in 2003.

Debra-Jane Appleby: Winner of numerous New Act competitions, including Leicester Comedian of the Year and Funny Women.

Papa Christmas: The deranged creation of comic actor/writer James Bachman, who supplies additional voices to That Mitchell & Webb Sound on Radio 4 - he'll be appearing in their forthcoming TV series.

Steve Hughes: Steve's been described as "like an Australian Boothby Graffoe", which is surely a good thing.

Dan Antopolski: Dan played Jesus in the recent film adaptation for "The Da Vinci Code".

Yes, really.

Sarah Millican: Sarah started performing comedy last year to prove to her ex-husband that she really was funny.

Last December she was a runner-up in the BBC New Comedy Awards final.

Patrick Monahan: Patrick is probably the finest comedian to have come out of the Irish/Iranian/Geordie circuit in the last few years..

Michael Redmond: Probably best-known as Father Stone from Channel 4's Father Ted, Michael is a much-loved figure on the comedy circuit.

Alun Cochrane: Alun has recently appeared on Never Mind The Buzzcocks and Have I Got News For You, as well as recording a pilot of his own show for BBC Radio.

We Are Klang: Comprised of comedians Greg Davies (here playing Michelle), Steve Hall (Derek Upon-Tweed) and Marek Larwood (Jacques), We Are Klang have won a devoted following for their horrible, horrible sketches.

Jayne Tunnicliffe: Coronation Street viewers will know her as Yana Lumb; alternative comedy fans willr econgise the name Mary Unfaithful.

But here she performs as herself.

Glenn Wool: Moustachioed Canadian is no newcomer to Radio 4, having performed on 4 At The Store and Political Animal.

Kevin Day: Kevin was a founding member of The Cutting Edge team at London 's Comedy Store back in the 80s, when alternative comedy was invented, but now he can be found mostly on BBC Radio Five Live or Match Of The Day 2.

Adam Bloom: Star of The Problem With Adam Bloom on Radio 4, Adam is not to be confused with the presenter of What's The Problem? With Anne Robinson on BBC One, who is Anne Robinson.

Richard Herring: With comedian Stewart Lee, Richard Herring became mildly successful in the mid-1990s with a string of radio and TV shows such as Lionel Nimrod's Inexplicable World (Radio 4), Lee & Herring's Fist Of Fun (Radio 1) and This Morning With Richard Not Judy (BBC2).

He now performs stand-up comedy on his own.

Slaughterhouse Live: Manchester-based quartet Slaughterhouse Live are made up of Garry Morris, Martin Pemberton, Steve Royle and Andrew Willson.

John Humphrys gives 28 performers 60 seconds to entertain. With Sarah Millican, Scott Capurro and Roger McGough. From June 2006.

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20121117 (BBC7)

Kit & The Widow: Are "Western Europe 's Leading Lounge Act".

Comprised of Kit Hesketh-harvey and Widow (who plays the piano), they have played on every continent except Antarctica.

Frankie Boyle: Frankie is a regular on BBC 2's Mock The Week.

The Hollow Men: The Hollow Men's own sketch show - called The Hollow Men - starts on Radio 4 later this year.

Lucy Porter: Well known for her appearances on "talking heads" shows and the like, Lucy is a regular on the forthcoming Radio 4 series, The Personality Test.

Rob Rouse: Rob can currently be seen as one of the main characters in BBC Three's Grown Ups.

Toby Foster: Toby can be heard on BBC Radio Sheffield every day from 8.30am-11.00am.

He's also appeared in Peter Kay's Pheonix Nights, as Les.

Mrs Barbara Nice: Like Toby, Janice Connolly - who plays Mrs Barbara Nice - was in Phoenix Nights, as Holy Mary.

She was also recently in the BBC 2 sitcom, Thin Ice.

Rob Deering: Rob has dabbled in presenting TV shows, mostly on Five, and presents Out To Lunch on Radio 2 with Russell Howard.

He composed the theme tune to the UKPlay series Vic Reeves Examines.

Neil Edmond : Neil is the medium-sized member of the Consultants.

He's taking his solo show, Knocker, to the Edinburgh Festival this summer.

Pavel: Pavel is the creation of Adam Buxton, who is the Adam half of Adam & Joe.

Penny Spubb's Party: Penny Spubb are Anna Crilly & Katy Wix, and the Guardian described their show at the Edinburgh festival last year as "brilliantly confused".

Mick Ferry: A regular compere at the Manchester Comedy Store, Mick once opened for Badly Drawn Boy.

Pete Gold: Pete makes his living from voice-overs, only doing comedy songs "for a laugh".

Susan Murray: Arthur Smith once said that Susan has "the mentality of a spiteful 14-year-old boy!"

Charlie Chuck: Vic & Bob fans will remember Charlie's appearances as "Uncle Peter" The Smell Of Reeves & Mortimer.

Jarred Christmas: New Zealander Jarred - pronounced jar-red - is making his Edinburgh Festival debut this summer with The Geek Show.

Marcus Cummings: Saxophonist Marcus Cummings used just one breath to play the tune he did in his minute.

Tom Allen: Tom won the BBC New Comedy Awards in 2005, and has had a series commissioned for BBC7.

Justin Moorhouse: A hugely popular and successful comic, Justin is another of tonight's performers who've appeared in Phoenix Nights - Justin played Young Kenny.

Wil Hodsgon: Wil won the Perrier Best Newcomer awards at the Edinburgh Festival in 2004, and has since appeared all over the place, like on Radio 4's Political Animal.

Stephen Carlin: Stephen was picked by Stewart Lee to support him on his tour in 2005.

Oram & Meeten: Steve and Tom met in 1999 when performing their own solo characters on the stand up comedy circuit.

They've since appeared in things like Green Wing and The Mighty Boosh.

Isy Suttie: Isy switched from the music/cabaret circuit to the stand-up circuit in 2002, and appeared in Daniel Kitson's 2002 and 2003 Edinburgh shows.

Alex Horne: Alex has received widespread critical acclaim for his one-man shows (two-man, if you count his sidekick Tim Key), such as When In Rome - an attempt to get more people speaking Latin.

Phil Kay: Phil won the first ever So You Think You're Funny? Comedy competition in 1989, when there were 16 entrants.

He's gone on to become a favourite of live circuit for his unpredictable, improvisational style.

Nick Revell: A familiar voice to Radio 4 through many, many different programmes, Nick will be co-starring with Gyles Brandreth in the new Radio 4 sitcom Living With The Enemy later this year.

John Hegley: John will be instantly recognisable to Radio 4 listeners.

He's got an honorary Arts Doctorate from Luton University, as well.

The Museum Of Everything: This is Marcus Brigstocke and Danny Robins.

Dan Tetsell - the other third of The Museum's staff - couldn't make it.


John Humphrys presents the quickfire comedy show featuring 28 acts, each doing a crazy minute of stand-up, sketches, music and a few surprises.