21st-century Dylan - Short Plays From New Voices


01Duck Duck Goose, By Charles Barrett20141020

Surreal comedy. Is Catrin's new job as a contract killer the final nail in the coffin for her town's old way of life?

02Ours Of The Day, By Matthew Trevannion20141021

Lyrical drama. Two strangers meet in a bar and their lives change forever.

03Summer Is Long To Come, By Lisa Jen Brown20141022

A dark atmospheric tale of sacrifice as seen through an innocent young girl's eyes.

04If We Were Fish, By Catherine Dyson20141023

Maggie and Alex are romantic runaways, but how long can they keep the past submerged?

05 LASTThe Ostrich, By Sam Burns20141024

Quirky comedy. Jim needs to get home quickly - there is just one large feathery problem in the way.