The 2006 Radio Ballads


02The Enemy That Lives Within20060306

Modern stories of people who are living with HIV/Aids, with songs from Karine Polwart, John Tams, Julie Matthews and Jez Lowe.

03The Horn Of The Hunter:20060313

Following the recent ban on hunting with hounds, this programme explores both sides of the debate, with songs by John Tams, Ian Mcmillan and Jez Lowe

04Swings And Roundabouts20060320

This programme looks at the travelling show men and women who run Britain's fairgrounds. With songs by Jez Lowe, Karine Polwart and John Tams.

05Thirty Years Of Conflict20060327

During the Troubles in Northern Ireland, musicians provided a common link. Songs by Tommy Sands, Karine Polwart and John Tams.

06 LASTThe Ballad Of The Big Ships20060403

Stories from the men and women who worked in the shipyards of Tyne and Wear and the Clyde, with songs by Karine Polwart, Jez Lowe and John Tams.