SP1989: The Shape Of The Table20091114

Originally staged by the National Theatre in 1990, David Edgar's powerful play charts the dramatic and dangerous transition of a fictional eastern European country from hard-line communism to the beginnings of western-style democracy.

It is 1989, crowds are gathering in the streets and the Soviets are refusing to send in the troops.

The government is on its own and faces a stark choice - suppress the demonstrators or instigate reform.

Pavel Prus....Tim Mcinnerny

Josef Lutz....Henry Goodman

Michal Kaplan....Jeremy Clyde

Victor Spassov....Michael Elwyn

Petr Vladislav....Jonathan Keeble

Jan Matkovic....Robert Lister

Andrei Zietek....Joseph Kloska

Vera Rousova....Carolyn Pickles

Jan Milev....Christian Rodska

Victoria Brodskaya....Laura Matthews

Monica Freie....Emerald O'Hanrahan

Original music by Malcolm Mckee

Direcred by Peter Leslie Wild.

By David Edgar.

Crowds gather in the streets of a fictional eastern European country.