1968 - Day By Day Omnibus

Another chance to look back at the events making the news 40 years ago with John Tusa.



Including anti-Vietnam riots in the centre of London, the Duke of Edinburgh's live TV interview and a tough budget in which the Chancellor raises taxes by almost a billion pounds.


Yuri Gagarin dies, Czechoslovakia's new president is sworn in, Martin Luther King protests in Memphis and the Beatles spread the word on meditation.


Lyndon Johnson signals the end to his presidency and riots sweep across America following the assassination of civil rights leader Dr Martin Luther King


Thousands line the streets at Martin Luther King's funeral, German student leader Rudi Dutschke survives an assassination attempt, the Oscars take place in the US and Silbury Hill is excavated.


Protests and riots spread across Europe in response to the attempted assassination of West German student leader Rudi Dutschke.

America changes tactics in Vietnam, industrial unrest deepens in Britain, school children are caught up in the protest culture and Enoch Powell delivers his notorious Rivers of Blood speech.


5,000 protest in Trafalgar Square against the military junta in Greece.

Enoch Powell is dismissed from Edward Heath's Shadow Cabinet after his 'Rivers of Blood' speech.

Decimal coins are introduced.

Martin Luther King's widow delivers his 10 Commandments on Vietnam.


Press baron Cecil King attacks Harold Wilson.

Students riot in Bonn.

Noele Gordon quits Crossroads.

A general strike brings Paris to a halt.

Reporters witness the devastating aftermath of the Battle of Saigon.

Four die when part of a high-rise block collapses at Ronan Point.


Forged tickets cause havoc at the cup final.

France is almost brought to a standstill by strikes.

The Nigerian army captures the Biafran stronghold of Port Harcourt.


Welsh nationalist extremists set off another bomb.

Manchester United win the European Cup.


Robert Kennedy is assassinated.

One of the last public executioners shows his sensitive side.

ETA carries out its first assassination.


ETA carry out their first assassination.

Martin Luther King's killer is caught at Heathrow.

President Tito concedes to protesting students.

General Westmoreland leaves Vietnam with a bleak prediction for the war's future.

A drowned boy becomes a martyr for Paris students.

Daniel Cohn-Bendit arrives in London.

Dr Spock is tried for helping evade conscription.


Hubert Humphrey and Nelson Rockefeller launch their campaigns for the US presidency.


Barbara Cartland proposes a novel solution to the UK's productivity crisis.

The first round of elections takes place in France.

Foot and mouth restrictions are lifted in the UK.

Violence erupts on the streets of Glasgow.

Labour loses the Nelson and Colne by-election.


Including the return home of round-the-world yachtsman Alec Rose, a landmark victory for President De Gaulle's party in the second round of the French elections and red rain in Britain.


Anti-racism marchers clash with Enoch Powell supporters in Whitehall, leading to 23 arrests.

5,000 protest in Hyde Park in favour of legalising cannabis.

The Bank of England announces a large international loan to stave off financial problems.

Eric Clapton announces the break-up of Cream.

Singer Frankie Vaughan becomes an unlikely mediator between violent Glasgow youth gangs.


Southampton busmen protest against pay freezes with a go-slow campaign.

Seatbelt laws come into effect.

Bastille Day sees protestors back on the streets of Paris.

Sir Hugh Greene announces he is to retire as the BBC's Director General.

President Abdel-Rahman Aref of Iraq is overthrown in a coup that brings Saddam Hussein's Ba'ath Party to power.

Labour beat off a strong challenge from Plaid Cymru's Phil Williams in the Caerphilly by-election.


Vietnam Peace talks take place in Honolulu.

Jane Asher announces that she has split from Paul Mccartney.

A protest against the Vietnam war erupts into violence in London's Grosvenor Square.

An El Al flight is hijacked by three Palestinian militants.

After two police officers are shot, there is widespread rioting in Cleveland, Ohio.

A man is found crucified on a seven-foot cross on Hampstead Heath.


Mick Jagger previews the new Rolling Stones album Beggars Banquet.

Preliminary peace talks between Nigeria and breakaway Biafra end inconclusively.

The Archbishop of Canterbury disagrees with the Pope's recent ruling against artificial means of contraception.

The first ever episode of Dads' Army is aired on BBC TV.

Republican presidential candidate Ronald Reagan calls for an honourable peace in Vietnam.


Sirhan Sirhan appears in court to answer charges of murdering Senator Bobby Kennedy.

As crisis talks between Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union finish, Czech people are assured reforms will continue.

Following the Ronan Point disaster, Canning Town Residents Association fight attempts to rehouse victims in tower blocks.

Richard Nixon wins the Republican Party's nomination for the Presidential election.


48 passengers die in an air crash near Munich.

Many are injured when a stand collapses at the National Jazz and Blues Festival in Kempton Park.

Leonard Cohen appears on the BBC's Top Gear radio programme.

Riots in Los Angeles leave three dead.

Two deputy editors of the Czech Communist party newspaper are suspended.

Record producer Mickie Most explains the secret of his success.


Soviet troops begin their invasion of Czechoslovakia.

Sixty Roman Catholic Priests join a revolt against the Pope's ban on the Pill.

A BBC programme examines democracy in America.

Opposition to the Pope's ruling against artificial birth control mounts.

Two planes collide over the busy Norfolk town of Holt.


Protests against the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia continue.

Cricketer Basil D'Oliveira is controversially left out of the squad to tour South Africa.

Hubert Humphrey is chosen as the Democratic candidate for the White House.