15 Minutes That Changed The World


01Amo, Amas, Amat20050912

In 1884, the Vatican granted a special dispensation which allowed two cousins from Linz to marry.

That dispensation changed the course of European history.

This fictional tale imagines what led the cardinal who signed the papers that day to make that decision.

02Mrs Mccaulay Is Carried Forward20050913

By Gowan Calder.

Mrs McCaulay's greatest desire has been thwarted by time and biology.

But she's a practical woman: if plan A isn't going to work out, it's time for plan B.

A bitter-sweet comedy about just trying to do something good.

Jo McCaulay....Louise Ludgate

Graeme Morgan....Nick Underwood

03The Big Two20050914

>By Ralph Bolland.

During the Yalta conference in 1945, Churchill decides to make an impromptu visit, before breakfast, to Roosevelt's personal quarters to remind his old friend of the strength of their own alliance.

Churchill....Gareth Thomas

Roosevelt....Crawford Logan

Anna....Samantha Young

Aide....Nick Underwood

04The Watergaw20050915

By Iain F Macleod.

The last day of term.

The last 15 minutes of school that Todd will ever need to attend.

There is one last thing to be sorted out before he leaves school forever.

A darkly comic tragedy about taking revenge.

Todd....Robert Jack

Fletcher....John Kielty

Johnny....Grant O'rourke

Jamie....Lesley Hart

Miss McClay....Louise Ludgate.

05 LASTOne Small Step20050916

By Zoe Strachan.

Everyone knows the story of the moon-landing.

Two brave men go where no man has gone before.

But the world only saw the flickering images and radio reports.

What actually happened up there on July 20th 1969?

Neil Armstrong....John Kielty

Buzz Aldrin....Grant O'rourke

Charlie....Nick Underwood

Valentina....Lesley Hart

Newsreader....Samantha Young

Newsreader....Crawford Logan