101 Dalmatians

Dodie Smith's classic Christmas adventure.

Read by Anna Chancellor.



Dodie Smith's classic Christmas adventure.

Read by Anna Chancellor.

Christmas has come early to the Dearly household.

Pongo and Missis have given birth to a large brood of puppies and Mr and Mrs Dearly are delighted.

As is their alarming new neighbour, Cruella De Vil, who appears to be taking an unhealthy interest in the pups' well being.


When Cruella De Vil swings buy to chat with Mrs Dearly the puppies unaccountably disappear.

It is beyond question a dog-knap asserts the Top-man from Scotland yard, but quite how the puppies are going to be found is a job Pongo knows he cannot leave to humans.


With the help of the twilight, barking Pongo and Missis have discovered the puppies' whereabouts and have made the journey from London to Suffolk to find them.

But when they locate their puppies, Missis is alarmed to discover there are a few more than she remembers.


With 97 puppies in tow, Pongo and Missis lead their army across the countryside.

But the puppies are small and slow and the journey becomes more and more difficult.

With Cruella De Vil hot on their tails, the dogs are badly in need of a miracle.

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Pongo and Missis and 97 puppies will soon be home again, that is if they can convince the Dearlys to take them all in.

But first they must reek their revenge on Cruella De Vil.

Christmas it seems has come at last.