100 Women


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Razia Iqbal and guests ask how should we be bring up girls? And can diversity help wom...

Razia Iqbal and guests ask how should we be bring up girls? And can diversity help women be successful in business?

100 Women And Bbc World Service20131025

Jo Fidgen looks ahead to a day of programming celebrating 100 women from around the world. Do we live in a world of risk or opportunity?

Listen to today's programmes in which we bring together 100 women to the BBC's headquarters in London to discuss, debate and share their stories - among them well known political leaders and activists as well as nurses, teachers and others.

Picture: Jo Fidgen

Discussion: The Role Of Mentoring20131025

If you could ask an influential woman anything, what would it be? Nuala McGovern hosts a debate, an exchange of ideas, and platform for sharing suggestions with mentors and mentees from around the world.

Listen to advice in the realms of film, comedy, politics, campaigning, education, business and journalism.

Panelists include politician Clare Short, businesswoman Rubana Huq and director Gurinder Chadha.

Eng13b 100 Women 120131025

100 Women shines a light on life as a woman in the 21st Century, as we celebrate 100 years since the emergence of feminism.

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Ideas For Change20131025

What can be done to improve the lives of women worldwide? Cherie Blair, Obiageli Ezekwesili, Selma James, Fawzia Koofi, Cerrie Burnell and Claudia Paz y Paz present their ideas for change. Followed by a debate with Lyse Doucet

Sigridur Maria Egilsdottir On Ending Inequality20131101

Iceland's champion debater has called for better education for women and has said it is within women's power to eradicate gender inequality for an "equal and just society". Sigridur Maria Egilsdottir gives the final address of the BBC's 100 Women Day.

The Conversation Continues20141028
Women Being Women20131025

Can women escape their biological imperative? Nuala McGovern hosts a 100 Women debate on whether motherhood is a barrier to equality.