Here's a table of other radio programme episode guides - not as good as RL of course, but we've got to be charitable.

Home PageDescription
EpGuides - by John Lavalie Basic listings for (mainly) Radio 4 & 2 comedy series.
WordAloud - by Grok A huge searchable database - a lot of data, but sometimes you'll need to work out the series and episode numbers yourself.
The British Comedy, British Drama, Kenneth Williams Appreciation Society, Goon Show Preservation Society and Navy Lark Appreciation Society websites - Steven Arnold Although it's an episode guide, it's also reviews and commetns about the programmes - useful if you want to know more about programmes you haven't heard.
RadioHaHa Reviews and comments about almost every BBC radio comdy programme of the 1980's and 90's; an excellent referecne only let down by being hosted on AngelFire which has more pop-up advertising than you can imagine.
BBC Programme Catalogue You'd think that the BBC would have all this data stored away, even if they didn't make it public. Well, you'd be wrong - it's
Old Time Radio Researchers Group Old Time Radio (OTR) isn't a field I go into very often, but this is the major reference for the subject, and sometimes they do stray into New Time Radio.

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