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October 2013 Sorry for not updating the site, fixing bugs, or responding to emails - there's been a lot of real life things happening this year, with most recently the death of my mother in June and my father in September. And with that loss went any reason to visit the city I grew up in.
Tomorrow I'll be on my first real vacation for two year, and after that then there's a lot of normality I've got to get back into, which may even include fixing the cast list index.

January 2013 I've had to do some rebuilding of the database that's behind the site - over the years there's been errors accumulating in it, so many that I was able to cut it down from 556mb to a mere 88mb. Which is a rediculous difference. I don't think anything has been lost, thought I've got a back-up of site site and the database from before the editting just in case.

July 16th The proms are here again, and my routine to extract the data isn't formatting it correctly - but as this is mainly for my use it's not a major problem.

June 2012 I've rewritten my utility for downloading the schedules, and there were some bugs I didn't catch, causing problems with the summary programmes (rather than keeping just the first and last dates there's now every date) and some of the Radio 4 Extra programmes (the R4+ dates aren't correctly formatted, and some of them say the original broadcast was on BBC7, regardless of where it was).
In time these will be fixed.

April 16th, 2012 Finally got the Cast lists working in a way that means I can update them at the same time as the programme pages. Haven't got the index to them built, but it's a start.

November 17th, 2011 Just back from a long trip in Europe, off the grid for days on end, so sorry to anyone who wrote and I've not replied to.

July 17th 2011 The crisis is almost over - the cast pages and the programme pages and indexes work, so you can find the important things.
The other parts are being worked on and should be fixed over the next few days - but there are going to be broken links till then.
The basic path to any programme is letter of the programme name/first two letters of the programme name/the programme name

June 28 2011 Just had a call from the hosting company I use for RadioListings - in their terms and conditions is a rule saying all folders/directories can only hold 1024 files and I'm violating it.
That the site was breaking the rule from the first day it was launched didn't matter.
So currently it's down and nothing other than the front page is accessable.
I'm trying to think of ways to divide the information into smaller groups -
  • the images folder needs to have a lot removed, so that's no problem;
  • the dates folder could be divided into years, so the path would be something like;
  • the cast pages could be given alphabetic folders, I don't think there's any letter that could hit the limit, and that path would be;
  • but the programmes, that's the tricky one, a simple alphabetical division wouldn't work, and I don't really want to go the route of making it too many levels down.
Any ideas?

April 2011 A lot of layout changes: moving to a more subdued pallette; fonts changed; lists next to images should now appear correctly; the content in the side bars is more organised; and many little changes.
And a couple of content changes: the programmes broadcast on BBC7/Radio 7/Radio 4 Extra now have an indication as to which version of the station the particular broadcast was on; and I'm listing the PID, the BBC ID, for a programme. This will soon be a lnik to the site, a photo, an audio link, etc.

Here's some big news - last year I was diagnosed with colon cancer - I had surgery and as far as can be told I'm clean, but I'm now on chemotherapy and will be till the middle of the year. Basically I'm trading a year of being tired and nauseous for decades more of life. RadioListings is getting updated, but you can see why it's not at the top of my list. Oh, and if you need to have a colonoscopy don't put it off - if had done then in a few years time it would have been a much more serious situation.

20091003: For the next couple of months much of the new data is going to look a mess - I'm working on a project that's taking all of my time, and won't have much to spare for maintaining the data RL uses.

I will be collecting the data from the schedules and uploading it as and when I can, but I won't be matching repeats, adding series and episodes numbers, that sort of thing.

20090330: Following a message board comment I've started adding genre tags to programmes; they're the ones the BBC uses, so not always as detailed as they could be but it's a start and will be expanded soon.

20090122: A couple of changes - the Real Audio links have been removed (there'll be some new pages added for these later) and in the index pages the links to summary programmes have been moved to the end of the page (when you see it you'lll know what I mean).

20081231: I've been off-line for a couple of weeks - Seattle had record amounts of snow and it killed my Internet connection.

20081207: I didn't get to talk with Microsoft about using their advertising - the office they wanted me to go to wasn't convenient, certainly not as convenient as the office next-door to where I sometimes work.

20081115: As predicted, the Feedjit widgets are gone - they were interesting but I didn't put them in the right place, so they may come back when I next redo the pages.

And getting rid of them gave me a chance to swap the advertising from Adsence (google) to AdCenter (Microsoft) because the latter want to talk to be about my experience of using it, and I thought I'd better get it up and running again to check whether it's still as bad.

20081101: I'm trying some utilities from Feedjit, those boxes at the bottom of the pages showing who has been visiting and what pages they've been to. It's interesting, but it may end up being just a novelty.

20080900: A belated mention of the layout changes, which is pretty much a complete overhaul. When I finish with the front page I'll write something explaining how I did it.

20080804: And back to not replying to emails or updating the site; oh, I do live in interesting times. My wife was in for surgery (nothing serious, though all surgery is serious) and I'm doing a lot of driving and fetching and carrying.

20080801: Hurray! Real News! With the introduction of the BBC iPlayer, some people are finding that they can't record the audio as easily as they used to be able to do - so where possible I'm adding links to the Real Audio versions.
20080705: Sorry about the long delays in responding to emails and to updating the site - to the previous reasons (been on vacation; had jetlag; fallen prey to De Quervain's disease; had a week-long training course; and an elderly relative died) I need to add the opening of a new clinic and I've been working 23/6 to get my part of it finished.

20080417: I think I need to start a new page - my excuses for not updating the site or replying to emails. So far this year I've: been on vacation; had jetlag; fallen prey to De Quervain's disease; had a week-long training course; and an elderly relative died.

20080307: De Quervain's disease, that's what I've got/done, and I'm living with one hand at the moment - typing is via hunt 'n' peck, and shifted characters need serious planning.

20080229: Yes, I'm still here - had a long vacation, then a week to get over jet-lag, and now I've got a sprained wrist and typing isn't high on my list of things to do.
20071207: Anyone know how to record from Listen Again?
20071202: Back after vacation and I discover the site is down due to my hosting account expiring and no one telling me; ho hum, it's been that sort of a year. I've quickly gone to a new host and because I couldn't get the old pages back I've had to rebuild them - I think everything is still there, but let me know when you find something missing.
20071109: I'll be on vacation for a few days this month, so there may not be any updates until December - though all the data will still get collected.
20071026: And now I'm trying yet another advertiser in the hope it displays something that's interesting and relevant - WidgetBucks. The idea is that it's supposed to show the top ten products relating to a page, and you find them interesting enough to look at, so you click them, and I get paid as well.
20071005: Thanks to everyone asking about my crash - the airbags prevented anything serious and all I suffered was bruising, sprained ankle and a couple of broken toes [being in Seattle I'm bound by law to wear sandles at all times].
20070922: More delays in updating the details and replying to email - I was in a car crash recently and currently I'm high on pain-killers.
20070704: Family matters are taking my attention away from the site and the listings, so it's not getting updated as frequently before - though none of the data is lost, so it will appear sometime.
20070505: A small change to make the index pages visually interesting - now there's little thumbnail images at the side of some programmes, not many at the moment but more will be added.
20070122: Well, there's been quite a few changes in the last three months, and I've not written anything about them so no one will ever know what they were - but the current project is playing with the advertising to make it fit in better with the layout; essay about it to follow.
20061016: Lots of changes, but the most noticable is that the colours are all over the place while I try some work related combinations.
20060814: Well, looks like the terrorits have won - ok, a bit of an exageration as really it's the back-log of people at airports that's the problem, but they've forced me to cancel my trip to visit family, friends, and to stock up on everything an ex-pat needs.

Cancelling the flight was a struggle [on one hand it's the airline cancelling it, on the other it's a non-refundable flight - who will win?], cancelling the hotel was easy, but National Express couldn't understand that if you can't get to the airport then you can't get on the coach that leaves from it.
20060726: The hosting company I use had problems and it looks like they're had to restore a back-up - without telling anyone...
So I'm rebuilding the site; nothing should be lots, but it'll take a few days.
20060722: And goodbye AdSense...
Google may boast of the power of their search engine but it took them three days after accepting my application to find that I'd already had one.
So they've gone - anyone have suggestions for advertising which is actually useful to RL viewers?
20060719: Welcome back AdSense...
I reapplied to them out of curiosity with the same URL, name, address, phone number, etc as before - and a couple of hours later I was welcomed.
Have they had a change of heart, or just made a horrible mistake? Only time will tell...
20060715: And big changes to the programme details pages - RL is using up too much space and I need to make them smaller and simpler.
20060708: Big changes to the Names and Keyword detail pages - smaller files and a cleaner layout.
20060609: And I'm back from Alaska; but, as tradition has it, ill - it's not bird flu we have to watch out for, it's whale flu!
20060516: I'm off to Alaska for a couple of weeks, so no updates for a while, then a huge amount when I'm back.
20060502: Oops - I got a bit greedy with the BBC catalogue and downloaded too much - so I've removed that huge plodge of data and I'll be going at in in a calmer manner, so this week we should have 1990 and Radio 4, with other years and stations following weekly.
20060426: The BBC Programme Catalogue was opened to the public today - so I spent a couple of hours writing an app to read it and put the data into the database which feeds RadioListings - there's work to do getting the data clean and as organised as it should be, but it means there's going to be a lot of additions.
20060409: I've just bought a car with XM radio, so for a while I won't be listening to much BBC, which means some details won't get checked until the novelty wears of.
20060331: Goodbye to a lot of the advertising - it wasn't doing what I'd intended [providing more information] and the pages look better without it.
20060310: Sorry for not replying to emails - I injured my back recently and the latest batch of painkillers had side-effects some people would pay good money for; normal service will be resumed when I come back to earth.
20060304: And the T Index is fixed, a problem with quotes around a title name.
20060302: The T Index is broken - for some reason it's starting at the wrong place, even though the detail pages it's missing do exist.
20060207: Add me to the list of people who think FedEx Sucks - without going into boring details I'm on my second wasted day waiting for a laptop they appear to have lost.
20060203: Now with added Radio Scotland.
20060123: Now with added links to the broadcast station, official web-site, "Listen Again", unofficial websites, comments, and much more.
20060105: I've trying out a Clustr Map - look in the top left corner.
20051227: BBC7 broadcasts which I've not matched to the original broadcast are being included - previously they had to wait till I'd had the chance to identify them.
20051211: BBC7 rebroadcasts are now indicated as such on the programme detail pages, a small step on the path to including the original station for everything.
20051201: What a difference being well makes - a much more minimal style with the details people want easily available. More details later.
20051128: I don't like the changed version of the detail pages either; the experiement was to have different elements depending on the programme and the amount of data, but it ended up overwriting everything.  But I do have an excuse - I've got the flu.  We both had flu shots, yet this week-end we were both laid up with the symptoms of it.  And I wasn't thinking clearly enough when I made the recent build of the web site and the program which generates it.  After watching a day of daytime TV I've realised I'm still not compos mentis enough to fix it without making it worse, so you'll have to live with it like this for another week.
20051126: Once more there's big changes to the detail pages - still chasing that perfect layout.
20051114: Note to self: Outlook strips any javascript from HTML documents when they're emailled...
20051113: Added the count of how many pages RadioListings currently has.
20051108: Changed the settings for one of the advertisers so that adult companies don't appear.
20051106: I'm working on some behind the scenes changes - but they've already caused the Keywords and the Names pages to look a little odd.
20051101: Fixed a bug which used to include some of the cast list in the repeat date column.
20051026: Changed the keywords index page to the new layout.
20051024: Added the episode count, and the build start and end times.
20051023: Fixed the display of the from and to in the names index.
20051021: Readings and dramatisations of Books Of The Week, Book At Bedtime, and Classic Serial now link to Amazon UK & US where possible (though not always correctly).
20050825: Started to list the items that RadioListings readers have bought from Amazon.
20050822: Detail pages for the programmes moved to the new scheme.
20050820: Detail pages for the Cast and Crew, and the Keywords have been moved to the new scheme.
20050819: ...And hello Amazon.
20050818: Goodbye AdSense...
20050815: Added links to the other sections [look in the top right corner].
20050814: Activity Log now moved to the new scheme.
20050813: Date pages (eg August 2005) have been moved to the new scheme.
20050811: Notice anything different?
20050806: I HATE LINKSYS!  More details in a rant to be posted soon.
20050801: More changes to the type and position of the advertising from Google, trying to find the blend that fits in best with the scheme of the pages; at the moment it's the keyword and the cast & crew pages I'm experimenting with, so if anyone wants to take a look and tell me what they think I'd be grateful.
20050712: More changes to the Keywords and starting work on the Cast and Crew details.   As could be expected they're in need of work.
20050707: Due to the terrorist attack in London there have been some schedule changes which may not have been picked up on.   We're Not Afraid.
20050706: Some changes to the style sheet for the front page.  (note to self: remember to upload the changes to the style sheet, not just the pages that us it...)
20050703: Dropped the generic keywords from the bottom of the detail pages; it turns out that most of the searches don't involve words like "radio", etc.
20050702: Updates have been patchy due to introducing the Keywords; the page generation program is broken and limping along.
20050701: Apologies for not getting back to contributors, there been things happening in the real world which needed taking care of.
20050523: Due to industrial action today the radio broadcasts are not as scheduled, the mainly results in news programmes being replaced by repeats - I'll update as well as possible.
20050519: There's now a link to Keywords, this is an experimental set of pages where I'm trying to reproduce the terms used in search engines which lead to RadioListings; it's still a work in progress, so let me know if it breaks.
20050504: A big change to the content - colons in programme names are being replaced by hypens; this is due to the BBC not being consistent with them in their listings.
20050503: The date pages are now part of the RadioListings site, rather than still being on AngelFire.
20050425: The activity log is cut down to the most recent 250 or so - probably still too many.
20050423: NOTE: the week of the Popes funeral, the royal wedding, and the election announcement has had so many rescheduled programmes that it's possibly not reliable.
20050329: Yet more changes to the css, trying for that ideal combination of colours.
20050326: A change of email: the address is gmail rather than yahoo, and it's a real mailto rather than a form.
20050323: The mask is removed and the secret identity of Larry Lightbulb is revealed; other similar changes to follow.
20050322: Dropped the ShinyStat hit counter; better statistics are available from the server logs - possibly some list will end up having pages of their own.
20050302: Changes to the Activity log.
20050226: Hello to the new bandwidth - paid for, so far, by the Google AdSense adverts.
20050225: Ouch!   There goes the bandwidth.
20050223: Goodbye pretty (bandwidth eating) buttons, hello better layout [anyone notice the font was Betsy?]
20050220: Big bug found and dealt with; you may all now sleep safely.
20050219: Big bug with the cast lists being carried over to the next programme.
20050221: Invented a time machine.
20050220: Added Home and Index links to the detail pages.
20050219: Altered how the Last Revised date is shown, hopefully it'll work on all browsers now.
20050218: Trivial change to make sure comments start with a capital letter.
20050217: Ohhh, pretty buttons.
20050216: Added generic keywords (Radio, BBC, etc) to the footer of each page.
20050215: Started a blog so I could write longer details than in the waffle, news, faq, etc.
20050213: More advertising - Google AdSense panels at the bottom of some pages.
20050207: Changed the file names of the data page - basically removing any illegal characters.
20050205: LIVE!
20050204: Advertising in the form of links to starts to creep in.
20050203: More changes to the detail pages to seperate the elements more.
20050202: set to redirect to the Angelfire version while I check the links work ok
20050126: Improved how one-off programmes are displayed.
20050116: Added a list of the regularly excluded programmes.
20050114: Added a Frequently Asked Questions page.
20050113: Detail pages now have a last modified date on them.
20050111: More colour on the index pages.
20050110: Corrected a layout bug which gave an empty cell for programmes which hadn't been repeated.
20050107: Change to the index pages - adding cells with two initials to make finding things easier.
20050105: Big javascript addition - the detail tables are now sortable by column.  The time it takes will depend on your machine/connection, but it should be fairly nippy.  (20050107 It only seems to run on Windows - it doesn't work with any browser I've tried on a Mac).
20050104: Better sorting of the series name, mainly so the BBC7 omnibus editions i) appear at the end of the listings, and ii) the abbreviated series names are properly expanded.
20041215: Some work on extracting the "Cast and crew" type details, they'll appear at the bottom of the page.
20041203: Improving the layout of the Radio Days pages - but does anyone really look at them, I know I don't. (A month later - no one has commented, and if you're using Safari there's a pretty major CSS problem, so I guess no one does.)
20041126: More css changes - adding borders around text.
20041124: Removed the station name from the repeat dates.
20041123: Changes to the detail pages for single episode programmes.
20041116: The return of the Activity log - now in a reduced form, and it only gets updated if there's less than 200 changes; so it's for real changes to the database, not when I do a mass update to correct things like full stops.
20041111: The listings won't be edited for the next couple of weeks - they'll still be updated, but I don't have time to fill in the episode numbers and titles; normal service will be resumed in a week or so.
20041105: Finally fixed the bug which meant some dates weren't being converted from mm/dd/yyyy to yyyymmdd.
20041104: Slight change to the appearance of the Radio Days pages, trying to seperate the names and links better.
20041103: Repeat dates are now included in the Radio Days pages.
20041031: And they're not always consistent with the use of "The" in programme names, so in general I'm adding them when needed.
20041030: The BBC isn't consistent with its use of apostrophes in programme names, sometimes changing from one episode to the next, so I'm starting to remove them from the listings wherever there's confusion.
20041025: Improved the activity page to remove some of the spaces and duplicated programmes.
20041023: Just received complete listings for The News Quiz - those pages will be [more] unreliable while I update them.
20041019: Just received listings for the BBC7 broadcasts of This Sceptred Isle - those pages will be [more] unreliable while I update them.
20041012: Where possible the abbreviated series names (eg BAB) are expanded (eg Book At Bedtime) in the heading of the detail page.
20041006: Draconian fix to the links problem - make a link that goes straight to the htmlgear page, rather than cope with the ever-changing advert javascript; removing that has fixed the date-picker, so perhaps it was the lniks code and the adverts were innocent...
20041005: Improved some of the broadcast times - changing them from a start and end time to just a start time [not something that the site uses unless it's badly formed and appears by mistake].
20041004: Improved some of the broadcast dates - changing them from mm/dd/yyyy to a standard yyyymmdd.
20040930: It turns out the date picker box and the other links aren't working - at least not if you're using Windows, viewing the site on a Mac everything is fine. I think it's due to some of the javascript that adds the adverts; the original code for the page works fine until uploaded.
20040927: A change to the layout of the detail pages - some cell padding to make it easier to read and some colour.
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