Anyone Know How To Record From Listen Again?

When you play a RealAudio file if you choose "View" then "Clip Source" you get a window like this (well, not on the most recent version):

It's a file I downloaded last month and the interesting part is:

Now here's one from a few days ago:

Look at the same lines:

So what I see is that the quality of the stream may have improved (up from 44.1 to 64.1), but the basic sound is degraded (down from 44100 to 22050). You'all agree?

Anyone got a solution, a method of doing it which gives me the higher quality I've grown accustomed to but still keeps the convenience? As it's the quality of the encoding the BBC are using I don't think there'll be much I can do - tweaking the settings of RealPlayer, for example, won't make a difference because I'm not using that to obtain the data.